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Process Serving Services


McGrath Investigative & Process Services LLC

McGrath Investigative & Process Services LLC specializes in providing reliable and efficient process serving services across New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. Our commitment to accuracy and timeliness ensures the smooth progression of legal proceedings for our clients. With a deep understanding of the legal frameworks in these states, McGrath Investigative & Process Services LLC is your premier partner for navigating the complexities of process serving with ease and professionalism.

New Hampshire Security and Investigation LLC offers a broad array of private investigation services, customized to cater to the specific demands of each client. From surveillance of suspicious individuals to finding missing persons, conducting thorough background investigations, and beyond, our top-tier team of investigators adeptly navigates the vast sea of information, securing the essential insights you require discreetly.


Our Process Serving Solutions

We cater to a broad spectrum of clients, including legal firms, businesses, and individuals, handling various legal documents with confidentiality and diligence. Our services are crucial for the delivery of legal notices, summons, subpoenas, complaints, and other court documents, ensuring they are served promptly and in compliance with legal standards.

Why Choose McGrath Investigative & Process Services LLC?

  • Local Expertise: Our extensive knowledge of the legal requirements in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts guarantees adherence to state and local laws during the process serving.
  • Dependability: Recognizing the critical nature of legal deadlines, we prioritize the swift and accurate delivery of all documents.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Clients benefit from detailed accounts of the service process, including times, dates, and methods of delivery, along with any relevant observations.
  • Professional Conduct: Our process servers maintain the highest standards of professionalism and discretion, ensuring respect and privacy for all involved parties.
  • Wide Coverage: With operations spanning New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, we efficiently handle process serving tasks, regardless of the location

Our Services Include

  • Direct Service: Ensuring personal delivery to the intended recipient, guaranteeing they receive the documents firsthand.
  • Alternative Service: In situations where direct service isn’t feasible, we employ legally sanctioned methods to complete the service.
  • Locate Services (Skip Tracing): Our investigative skills come into play for locating elusive recipients, ensuring the process service is completed.
  • Expedited Service: For urgent legal matters, we offer same-day and rush service options to meet critical deadlines.

Regional Expertise in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts

Our nuanced understanding of the legal landscape in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts positions McGrath Investigative & Process Services LLC as a leader in process serving. Whether facing interstate legal challenges or requiring localized insight, our team is equipped to support your needs effectively.

Partner With Us

For top-tier, reliable, and professional process serving across New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, turn to McGrath Investigative & Process Services LLC. Our dedication to excellence and comprehensive understanding of the legal process ensure your documents are handled with the utmost care and precision.

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To discover more about our process serving offerings or to address your specific service requirements, please reach out to us. McGrath Investigative & Process Services LLC is here to provide the professional assistance and peace of mind needed for your legal document delivery needs. Trust in our team to support your legal proceedings with accuracy, reliability, and unparalleled service.